Aiming to boost solar photovoltaics installation monitoring and performance Enecsys has teamed up with Ember to bring wireless ZigBee communication technology to UK homes and businesses.

Enecsys has integrated Ember’s ZigBee system-on-chip (SoC) and ZigBee PRO software into its SMI series of microinverters, which convert the DC output of individual or duo solar panels into AC for connection to the electricity grid. By incorporating the technology into its microinverters Enecsys is able to communicate detailed information on the performance of each solar module, which string inverters cannot do.

The Ember-enabled microinverters provide real-time and historical data to a user-friendly graphical interface so that users can ensure PV system performance is optimised over the life of its installation.

“Ember's ZigBee technology enabled us to deliver a micro inverter solution with robust wireless communications that's easy and inexpensive to install,” said Louis-Philippe Lalonde, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Management at Enecsys. “We selected Ember because of the company's leadership in the ZigBee industry and the reliability of their technology.”

“While ZigBee is already the wireless standard of choice for devices in Smart Home and Smart Energy applications, Enecsys is leading the charge in extending ZigBee communications on to the roof for grid-connected solar PV systems,” said Bert Lutje Berenbroek, Ember's Vice President of Sales for EMEA. “The long life, reliability and robustness of its micro inverter family demands the same level of performance for its wireless communications capabilities, which Ember is proud to deliver.”