A new and complete renewable data management service offered by the UK metering and billing specialist ENER-G Switch2 will help funders and landlords who have invested in solar energy to gain maximum benfit of the feed-in tariff revenue on time.

The end-to-end service provides a total back-office operation for multiple solar PV installations making the process simple while helping funders and landlords to monitor and protect their investment, a statement said.

“The complex issue of collecting the data associated with electricity generated by PV and the process of actually collecting the Feed-in-Tariff payment is often completely overlooked during the project planning phase,” ENER-G Switch2 Managing Director Jayne Clare said.

“We take care of everything – from receipt of Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) accreditation from the installer through to managing FiT claims and analysing and benchmarking PV performance,” she noted.

The new system has been tested in partnership with a number of social housing trusts and is aimed at organisations planning and funding the installation of PV systems on large numbers of domestic dwellings and commercial premises.