An innovative energy efficiency scheme in the small Leicestershire village of North Kilworth has had a dramatic effect on local resident’s consumption patterns and behaviour according to a recent survey.

A total of 80 homes across the quaint village were fitted with Energeno’s Wattson energy monitors as part of a scheme lead by the Village Power Community Interest Company (CIC). The rollout of the energy monitoring devices was designed to help the village cut its collective carbon footprint whilst simultaneously raising awareness of energy usage at a local level.

The scheme impressed those at the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) who committed to fund the rollout and installation of the monitors across the village.

After two months of using their new monitors, two thirds of residents noticed that their energy usage had changed for the better and the same number of residents were eager to find out more information about the energy efficiency. Nine out of 10 residents also indicated that they would recommend an energy monitor to a friend.       

Stuart Dainton of Village Power CIC explained the decision to outfit the whole village with energy monitoring devices, saying: “As a village that is trying to be as energy efficient as possible, we are always looking at ways to inspire people to make changes in their lives. Providing energy monitors has been a great way of doing this.

“We chose Wattson monitors due to their visual impact. Energy use is shown with colours and a bright display and they really are a conversation piece! Wattsons can change behaviour and have a real impact on reducing energy use.”

Mark Elliott, Director of Operations at Energeno added: “We’re delighted to be supporting this fantastic initiative and that the idea of energy monitoring has been so well-received. The Wattson monitor is playing a vital role in helping residents’ to gain a much clearer picture of what steps they can take to help reduce their household energy bills and make a measurable contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of the village as a whole.”