Energy storage has been named as the top requirement for inverters over the next two years.

IMS Research surveyed over 400 global PV inverter customers to determine the future trends in the inverter market.

Almost one third of respondents stated that the expected energy storage to be used in over 40% of all systems they install by 2015. Respondents also named energy storage as the most critical requirement for inverters in the future.

The majority of respondents predicted that the main driver for energy storage adoption would be a reduction in battery prices. Interestingly, the survey found that more than 60% of respondents felt that energy storage could demand an acceptable 10-29% premium, with nearly 30% indicating they would be willing to pay an even higher premium.  

Sam Wilkinson, Senior Market Analyst, IMS Research, commented: “Energy storage is becoming an increasingly important feature for PV systems and if suppliers are able to deliver products in line with the industry’s expectations, the market for energy storage in PV could increase significantly over the next two years.”