Enevis, in partnership with the Apollo Group, has completed one of the largest multi-installation solar projects in London. After being awarded the contract in January this year the company managed to install a total of 500 systems in Walthamstow in a space of just three months.

Enevis was required to fit 300 social housing systems on behalf of Ascham Homes before the March 3 feed-in tariff deadline before completing the contract by March 31. This tight deadline was made more difficult as surveys had to be carried out in order to find 500 suitable properties from a portfolio of 1,700 homes.

The company faced further problems when work was delayed due to a week of snow; however, despite these setbacks the entire project was completed by midday on March 31.

Simon Coomber, Contracts Manager at Enevis, said: “This contract was extremely challenging from start to finish as the bad weather we experienced made what was already a tight completion deadline even more difficult to hit.

“As well as the PV installations we installed a remote monitoring system called Orsis Remote Monitoring System in the properties which involved determining properties to fit a Local Data Concentrator which would connect to the meters within properties via Bluetooth allowing all the meters readings to be monitored remotely and feed-in tariff payments automatically calculated.”

Robbie Bilton, Principal Consultant at John Rowan & Partners, who managed the contract on behalf of Ascham Homes, said: “I would like to thank Enevis for completing the challenging contract on time and to a very high standard with a minimum of resident disruption.

“We found Enevis’ engineers to be proactive and professional throughout while managers reacted promptly to requests for information.”