The PV is to help reduce Sensient’s energy bills. Image: Engenera Renewables Group.

Rooftop PV has been installed for Kings Lynn-based Sensient Technologies by Engenera Renewables Group, and linked to a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Engenera installed 540 PV modules on the site with an output of 199.8kWp and covering a surface of 998.8m². This is linked with energy monitoring technology to help Sensient reduces its energy bills and carbon footprint.

The solution was designed following a full assessment and structural survey of the business, including an in-depth review of Sensient’s current energy usage. The company has a significant amount of roof space, as well as an “extremely high” energy bill.

However, the solar was also installed at no cost to Sensient due to the PPA and is set to save the company £500,000 over the course of the 25-year agreement.

Previously, Sensient was paying around 12.36p/kWh for its energy, with Engenera proposing a PPA price of 8.5p/kWh, a reduction of 31%.

There were some challenges with the project, Engenera said, one of which being the need to design the very long run of electrical cabling routing both internally through the working factory areas and externally around the buildings and service yard areas to reach the final point of connection within the existing switch room.

This was managed by undertaking pre-commencement on site interface meetings with Sensient to determine best routes for installation while maintaining critical day-to-day operations and unobstructed future maintenance access.

Engenera was able to plan the best route to minimise penetrations of the structure by utilising existing penetrations, therefore substantially reducing the length of the cabling runs with avoidance of intertwining around buildings by taking straight line external overhead routing runs by adding to / adapting the customer’s existing cable racks.

The installation for Sensient follows Engenera broadening its offering to encompass a wider range of renewable energy solutions, pivoting to become a decarbonisation partner for businesses.

“Projects like this showcase exactly what we are good at – helping businesses develop the right solution for them with the least disruption possible and, ideally, with no outlay due to our PPAs,” said Jamie Morrison, chief commercial officer, Engenera Renewables Group.