Engensa recently installed the UK’s first micro-converter, a new technology that enables millions of otherwise unsuitable roofs to be used for solar PV by eliminating many of the problems associated with shading. The inverter was manufactured by SolarEdge, an Israeli-based leader in PV power optimization.

The installation, at the home and showroom of Bob Bakewell, owner of Bakewell’s Pools Ltd is unusual because the solar panels are distributed over two roofs of different slopes. “Using SolarEdge was an easy choice for me, because the installation would have been much more complex otherwise.  I’m also less worried about early morning shadows from my pine trees with this system,” said Bob.

Overseeing the Oxfordshire project were representatives from SolarEdge, who were there to offer guidance and instruction during the construction phase. “We are very excited by the potential for solar PV in the UK,” said Eytan Heller, UK sales manager for SolarEdge “it was important for us to work with a leading installer with strong technical expertise for our entry into the fast-growing UK market, so we were very happy to find Engensa.”

Installation was completed on 19-11-10.