Engensa has recently completed the UK’s first system of Sanyo’s newest high efficiency solar panels – HIT N235SE10. The community-based solar installation company installed the system days after the modules received MCS accreditation for their clients, the Rodwells.

Dereck Rodwell said, “We have limited space for the installation so looked for a system with proven reliability and the possibility to generate as much electricity as possible.”

Dr Toby Ferenczi, CTO of Engensa said, “Not all solar panels are the same: Sanyo have a unique technology that means their latest panels are 25 – 30% more efficient than standard mono-crystalline silicon technology. This extra efficiency is very beneficial when you have a limited amount of roof space, as so many homes in the UK do.”

Sanyo’s HIT modules with their high energy conversion efficiency are known for providing more power per square metre, so are a natural choice for maximising benefit from the feed-in tariff (FiT) subsidy system, particularly in the UK where rooftops are comparatively smaller in size.

Speaking from Sanyo, Chief of Business Development for the UK, Julien Chirol stated, “The residential retrofit FiT in the UK has a higher rate for installations up to 4kW in size, which is rather lower than in Germany where it is 30kW, so it is very important for homeowners to maximize their roof space as much as possible. Companies like Engensa, with their strong in-house expertise, are able to provide homeowners with the right options to maximize electricity generation and system performance.”

Speaking about the FiT in particular, Rodwell noted, “With the system up and running now, it’s great to know that we’ll be getting paid for the electricity, rather than paying out for it, and reducing our carbon footprint at the same time.”