UK solar panel installer Engensa has announced plans to offer up to £1,500 discount for energy efficiency gadgets and solar accessories under the company’s first ever ‘group purchase campaign.’

The month long campaign starting from October 24 is organised as part of Energy Saving Week celebrations starting on the same day.

In order to be eligible a customer should buy a domestic solar PV system of eight panels or more and join a group of others installing in the area.

Where there is a group of up to 25 customers, the Engensa team will come to each group member’s house and install a range of energy saving measures (valued up to £100) such as replacing light bulbs with LEDs and installing highly efficient stand-by plugs. Making these small changes can save homeowners up to 15% per year off their electricity bills, according to Engensa.  

In the event of a group of 25 to 50 customers, the company will install a state-of-the-art Solar Health PV system monitoring kit (valued at £500). Monitoring has been shown to change behaviour and can save up to 25% of your electricity bills by helping you to cut out unnecessary and unknown uses of energy.

When a group consists of 50 to 75 customers, Engensa will give each group member a free upgrade to the company’s top of the line SolarEdge micro inverter (valued at £1,500). It converts the energy produced by solar panels into electricity for homes and feed into the national grid. The SolarEdge micro inverter comes with a monitoring system.

Group savings and saving on electricity bills apart, homeowners who opt for solar can also benefit from Government’s feed-in-tariff scheme.

Founded in 2009, Engensa is one of the fast-growing residential solar systems providers in the UK.