A survey of 500 environmental graduates has found that 80 percent believe the number of green jobs will continue to rise in the future, despite the current economic downturn.

The research, commissioned by international sustainability charity Change Agents UK, reviewed how green graduates feel about their current role, the jobs market in general and the support available to them.

While survey respondents’ results remained positive about the future of the green jobs market, many also admitted to feeling frustrated about opportunities in sustainable roles. Nearly two-thirds said they are dissatisfied in their current role while many feel under-employed.

However, almost three-quarters said they feel that they are making a contribution towards sustainability; with 87 percent saying this is more important to them than financial reward and job security.

Head of Change Partnerships at Change Agents, Karl McGrory, said: “It is refreshing that even despite all the bad economic news, graduates are still optimistic about the green jobs’ market.

“The survey is also great news for employers as our survey reveals that green graduates are better qualified than the average graduate with trends showing around half of green graduates holding Master’s degrees or higher. This results in a highly-skilled and motivated talent pool for organisations looking to develop sustainability practices, products and services.”