Six major environmental groups have urged the government to take swift action to resolve what it has labelled an undermining of UK climate progress, or risk a near complete collapse of renewables investment.

Green Alliance has today published a new report, dubbed ‘Future low carbon investment in the UK’, which seeks to ratchet up pressure on the government to fill a burgeoning policy gap for decarbonisation of the power, transport and heat sectors ahead of next week’s Autumn Statement.

Six green groups have this morning backed the report, which claims that renewables investment could drop by as much as 96% by 2020-21 unless further policies in support of renewables come into force.

Other fears expressed in the report include the decline in domestic energy efficiency investment, which more than halved from £1.5 billion to £700 million in 2015, and more recent news that the government is prepared to prioritise infrastructure projects associated with high carbon emissions such as the Heathrow expansion.

The likes of WWF-UK, The RSPB, Greenpeace, and Christian Aid have all thrown their weight behind the report. Glyn Davies, acting chief executive at WWF-UK, said the UK was now in danger of “slipping behind” other nations despite once being a leading player in the field of climate change.

“Swift ratification of the Paris agreement and a comprehensive plan for low carbon growth are urgently needed to restore the confidence of investors, environmentalists and green entrepreneurs,” he added.

Greenpeace executive director John Sauven echoed Davies’ sentiments, adding: “The government should grasp the potential of the huge technological changes that have led to the cost of electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage falling over recent years. The UK is well positioned to be a leader in the next industrial revolution especially for electric vehicles and offshore wind. But if we miss the opportunity, other countries will seize it, and we will miss out on new jobs, sustainable economic growth and export potential.”

Actions Green Alliance has recommended the government takes include the allocation of an additional £2 billion in funding to support low carbon generation after 2020, additional funding for low carbon heat and continued support for the adoption of ultra-low emission vehicles beyond the current cut-off point of 2018.

Leah Davis, acting director at Green Alliance, said: “The autumn statement is an ideal opportunity for the government to show it is serious about action at home, providing much needed fiscal support for low carbon power, heat and transport.”