A coalition of renewable energy industry representatives have written to the European Parliament to call for a legally binding renewable energy target for 2030.

The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) wants the EU to have “a strong and ambitious regulatory framework for the years to come” by committing to a renewable energy target in a letter signed by 60 companies and associations across Europe including the UK’s Renewable Energy Association (REA).

EREC is encouraging the EU to build on the success of the existing 20-20-20 framework, stating that a 2030 target would be appropriate due to the industry’s long investment cycles.    

The letter states that a 2030 target: “Bears the opportunity to reduce the current costs of uncertainty, mobilise the needed funding, help to protect the environment, decrease the costs of decarbonisation, facilitate the creation of new jobs and enhance the EU’s technology leadership.”

Lending her support to the calls, REA chief executive, Dr Nina Skorupska, added: “The UK has only scratched the surface so far in terms of the opportunities for growth, innovation, jobs and exports that renewables can bring to UK plc.

“But government has learned a lot from working within this 20-20-20 framework, and it makes sense to go for a similar framework for 2030, including a binding renewables target. This will enable government to build on those lessons, reassure investors, scale up the industry, boost our energy security, reduce our emissions and grow our budding green economy.”

The full letter to European Parliament President Martin Schulz, EU Energy Ministers and the EU Energy and Climate Commissioners can be viewed here.