Oxfordshire-based solar company Evergreen PV has now expanded its wholesale services to cover the entire UK, sourcing products for both domestic and commercial projects.

James Woollard, Managing Director at Evergreen PV, explains: “We’ve been talking to manufacturers of solar products from all four corners of the world. Because we’ve taken the time to do this, we have been able to source the best products out there, providing us with a competitive advantage through product design, quality, service, and price.”

Evergreen PV has also launched a UK-based support team which will work around the clock taking clients calls and making regular on-site visits to anywhere within the UK.

“With the Green Deal just around the corner it’s important for both home owners and businesses to have access to the very best in solar energy technology, from solar panels to inverters, and that’s what we’re here to do,” Woollard continued.

“We’re excited about the future, and looking forward to helping the UK become one of the most energy efficient countries in the world.”