Danish company EVIKALI has realased its eviShine application in the UK.

The energy monitoring system is designed for use by distributors, installers and consumers alike. The application lets users see a familiar speedometer display to visualise how much energy is being produced by a solar array as well as a household’s consumption level.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app also lets users review how much CO2 they have saved by producing their own renewable energy.

Marketing manager Soren Pretzmann said: “We are positioning eviShine as a professional system for our target groups. For example, the distributor and installers can use eviShine solutions that include the company´s own brand, profile text and pictures. In addition, the system can provide a service site for technicians for an overview of installations in the region and you get access to technical data available from the manufacturers.

“We are cooperating with our new partners to reach our customers. We intend to do this by establishing a sound relationship with our partners and agents along with effective product adaptations for many types of electronic equipment including inverters and energy meters. This enables us to offer solutions for different customers whether it is the private consumer, the public school or the company with solar panels on their rooftop.”