This residential installation was completed by Evo Energy for Mr. Lindsay, who wanted to generate clean electricity and reduce the cost of living expenses.

Mr. Lindsay and his partner had been considering installing photovoltaics for over two years, so when the feed-in tariff was introduced, they decided it was time to commit.  Mr. Lindsay was recommended by Solar Century through its Installer Network.

“We believe that investing in solar electricity is better than putting our money in a bank. We’ll get the money we invested back within fifteen years, and from that point see a regular income for the home for another ten years, it’s fantastic. My utility company will now be making payments to me quarterly, it was all straight forward to organise with them. In addition to being bill neutral, we’re convinced the solar system has added considerable value to our house as well as making a positive contribution to the environment,” said Mr. Lindsay.

The couple is also planning to invest in an electric car and install under floor heating in order to maximise their own electricity generation. The installation was completed in June 2010.