EvoEnergy has installed the largest solar power system in the East Midlands, and one of the largest projects in the country since the Government’s feed-in tariff was introduced, on the roof of Nottingham-based builders’ merchants, John A. Stephens.

Peter Stephens, Managing Director of John A. Stephens first met with EvoEnergy when they installed 21 Sharp panels at his home. This installation prompted the decision to have solar PV installed on his business.

Stephens said, “I had been considering using solar PV for the last five years, it was the Government’s recent introduction of the feed-in tariff that made the install financially viable. I was so impressed with the work that EvoEnergy undertook on my home, I decided to use them on my business John A. Stephens”.

Richard Barlow who is Chair of the Green Nottingham Partnership and charged with overseeing the implementation of the Nottingham Sustainable Community Strategy, visited the new installation and commented, “One of our main objectives is to reduce Nottingham’s carbon emissions by 26% on 2005 figures by 2020. It is really encouraging to see an important supplier to the building industry and local Solar PV specialists EvoEnergy working together to contribute to a ‘greener’ Nottingham.”

Dr Kevin Hard, Managing Director of EvoEnergy said, “The installation at John A Stephens builder merchants is the largest Solar PV installation in the East Midlands and currently one of the largest in the UK.  Projects like this demonstrate how we can quickly deploy solar across our rooftops and assist Nottingham to be one of the UK’s greenest cities. 

We are delighted to be chosen to deliver this project – the solar installation will significantly help to reduce carbon emissions, protect from increasing fuel costs and secure a guaranteed return on investment for the next 25 years”.

The 97kWp system is made up of 441 x 220W Sharp ND series panels and utilises an ELTEK THEIA central inverter, the first inverter of its kind in the UK with an efficiency of 97.4%.

Generating enough energy to power about 17 family homes (74,666kWh/yr), the system was installed in just four weeks. The 74,666kWh/yr of electricity produced by the system will earn John A. Stephens an estimated £23,445 per year based on the feed-in tariff and make a CO2 saving of 39,498 kg/CO2.