The 26kWp system has been split between the top two floors of the 42 storey South Bank Tower. Image: EvoEnergy.

The 26kWp system has been split between the top two floors of the 42 storey South Bank Tower. Image: EvoEnergy.

EvoEnergy has completed what it has called one of the highest solar installations in the UK after fitting a 26kWp system on top of the redeveloped South Bank Tower, which stands 42 storeys high.

The 100 panel system was split between the top two floors of the 155 metre building and will power almost 200 luxury apartments, shops, restaurants and bars.

The 1970s skyscraper – formerly known as King’s Reach Tower – had previously been derelict but was redeveloped by London-based real estate investor and developer CIT and Jadwa, an investment bank based in Saudi Arabia.

Another 11 floors were added to the building during the process before EvoEnergy was hired by contractors Mace Group to for the solar installation.

James Fuller, project manager at EvoEnergy, said: “Getting a solar system on top of a building this high is a complex process; it brings different challenges to an installation, on say, a two or three storey building.

“There’s a lot of planning to be done around the logistics of the project, and once you’re up there you’re having to contend with the ever-changing British weather – there were a few times we had to stop working due to the high winds!”

“The finished solar system looks fantastic and really complements the building’s new, modern look. Not only is it going to help reduce the tower’s annual energy costs, it’s also an attractive feature which may appeal to those looking for eco-friendly features in their new home,” he added.

It is expected to generate 22.4MWh per annum, saving the tower around 11,850 kg of CO2 on top of the energy costs incurred by the occupants of the building.

Steve Riddell, director of developments at CIT, commented: “CIT is very pleased with the completed South Bank Tower. Everyone who worked on the project delivered a very complex construction project.

The South Bank Tower is the latest high profile solar project EvoEnergy has completed in London after installing a 50kWp solar system on top of the 38-storey ‘Walkie Talkie’ building at 20 Fenchurch Street.

London currently has a particularly low level of solar deployment however this is expected to improve after current mayor Sadiq Khan was elected after promising to set out a solar strategy for the city.

This is expected to result in more solar on London’s rooftops, particularly on Transport for London (TfL) Great London Authority (GLA) land and buildings, while he also pledged to ensure new developments incorporate solar and other low-carbon technologies.