Solar photovoltaic specialist EvoEnergy has launched an interactive Energy Consumption Guide in an attempt to help the British public better understand how the UK’s energy consumption has changed since 1970.

The guide uses figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s annual Energy Consumption in the UK report. The visulations on the site help break down the finer points of the UK’s energy consumption habits across the last few decades.

Andrew Burley, Regional Manager at EvoEnergy commented: “The Energy Consumption Guide is designed to make analysis and education about energy consumption simpler.  Our hope is that everyone in the UK will now be able to gain a better understanding of how our energy consumption has changed over the last forty years and what we can learn from it to benefit us in the future.

“The simple fact is that people should be aware of just how much our energy consumption has increased over recent decades and decide for themselves what needs to be done.  Hopefully it will reinforce our belief that it’s time for the UK to put more emphasis on sustainable energy sources such as solar panels.”

The vibrant illustrations highlight some interesting facts, for example, from 1990 to 2009 domestic energy consumption increased by 2.3 million tonnes of oil equivalent. The site also shows that in 2010, petroleum accounted for almost half of the total energy consumption, with electricity only accounting for 19 percent.  

EvoEnergy admits that, while the figures utilised in the guide have been available to the public for some time, traditionally they are displayed in spreadsheet format, making analysis and evaluation a tiresome task. The newly-launched website is intended to demystify the statistics and help members of the public understand the UK’s energy consumption. The interactive guide can be viewed here.