Image: Q Cells.

Solar module manufacturer Q Cells has committed to the UK PV market in the long term, claiming the post-feed in tariff landscape “abounds with opportunities”.

Q Cells pointed towards the market beginning to adapt to an unsubsidised future, having witnessed the last of its support mechanisms in the small-scale feed-in tariff shut to new applicants at the end of March. 

It attributed this to a range of factors including the “soaring popularity” of solar in the country, falling costs of modules and other components, and a shift in public attitude towards the climate crisis, as evidenced by recent protests across the UK. 

And having witnessed those trends while participating in the Solar Trade Association’s recent roadshow series, Q Cells’ head of UK and Ireland sales Sean Collier described the country’s solar market as “evolving”. 

“The value and importance of solar is really rising in the minds of the average British consumer, and as is the case with all mature markets, the emphasis is increasingly on quality, reliability and trust – three areas in which Q Cells has long excelled.

“And as the LCOE of solar continues to fall, the argument for subsidy-free PV becomes more compelling by the day – not just at the residential rooftop scale, but also for small businesses and even at utility scale.”

Q Cells is looking to capitalise on this evolution through the introduction of its new home storage solution, the Q.Home, available as both an AC-coupled solution for new installations and a retrofit package for existing arrays. 

At last week’s Intersolar exhibition in Munich, Q Cells maintained a strong presence and debuted its Q.Home Cloud software solution, to be released in the coming weeks, which aims to maximise self-consumption.