SMA Solar will release its Smart Home system to the UK, which has already been successfully installed in Germany. The company claims that the Smart Home system increases self-consumption by approximately 30 per cent with “outstanding” efficiency in converting and storing electricity. The low-cost installation is straightforward thanks to a quick and easy wall mounting.

“With the home manager, what we’re trying to do is promote self-consumption. At the end of the day, electricity prices are going up so why not use what you generate?” said Mark Ryder, Technical Sales Support at SMA. 

The Milton Keynes-based inverter manufacturer states that the Smart Home system can detect and analyse all relevant energy flow, with continuous data exchange between the individual components and the Sunny Home Manager, the central energy manager, as well as the comfortable integration of the user. The company is hoping to have the Smart Home system officially available in the UK within the next eight weeks, awaiting the exchange of the European plug adapters with British three-pin plugs.

The forecast of PV generation and planning of the effective use or intermediate storage of solar power plays a decisive role as well.

“An electrical storage system enables you to “shelve” solar power for later use and this way, use it more effectively – economically and ecologically.

“Even smaller storage systems help increase the rate of self-consumption, boost self-sufficiency and reduce the grid load,” said SMA.