Sunergy have shipped 1.59MW worth of solar modules to Emotion Energy who, in partnership with Edison Energy, installed solar panels on 117 homes in Faifley, Scotland, for the Knowes Housing Association Scotland.

The solar PV project has been designed to help combat those Knowes tenants in fuel poverty by providing them with free electricity. It is estimated that installing solar panels on social housing will save approximately £190 a year off the fuel bill of an average household. According to a recent survey, 2,700 people will die as a direct result of fuel poverty this winter.

Emotion Energy alongside Edison Energy were able to install all 117 systems in just two weeks time, beating the December 12 deadline, which say feed-in tariff rates drop significantly.

Stephen Cai, China Sunergy's CEO, said: “The UK is an important market, and we are very pleased to play our part in this very vivid example showing how solar energy can improve people's daily lives and keep them warm during this holiday season. We believe that by leveraging our superior product quality and word-of-mouth marketing by our various customers, China Sunergy can play a role in reducing fuel poverty not just in the U.K. but across the globe.”

Emotion Energy's CEO, William Andrews, commented: “We are very satisfied with China Sunergy's product quality and service, and we hope to co-operate more with them in the U.K. We and China Sunergy are both committed to promoting renewable energy and a low carbon footprint in the future for the UK.”