Reports that Britain could be facing blackouts has prompted demand for GreenKit’s energy storage kit to dramatically rise. 

Ofgem recently warned that the risk to supply over the next six years has tripled due to “high levels of uncertainty about future market conditions”. The energy regulator therefore warned of the possibility of controlled customer disconnections. 

In response to the warnings, owners of microgeneration technologies have turned to energy storage solutions to help secure supply. Demand for GreenKit’s energy storage kit has increased by more than 200%. The battery back-up system allows locally-generated energy to be stored on the system’s deep cycle DC batteries. 

The renewable energy distributor predicts that the energy storage kit reduces electricity bills by around £300-£400 per year but, crucially, as the batteries function as an uninterruptable power supply, it also protects from power cuts. 

Rupert Higgin, managing director of GreenKit, comments: “The energy storage kits have flown off the shelf since the recent warnings. Although useful during power outages, they are a great way of getting more out of an existing renewables system and ideal for those who want to store the electricity they generate for their own uses rather than export it to the grid.”