The solutions are being lauded as the quickest and easiest-to-install solutions on the market. Image: FIMER.

FIMER is launching high-power inverter and high-capacity storage platforms for the residential market with an aim of helping installers make the most of increasing demand.

The FIMER PowerUNO, PowerTRIO and PowerX platforms are to be available from January 2022, with FIMER lauding them as the quickest and easiest-to-install solutions on the market.

The PowerUNO and PowerTRIO inverters offer a range of power choices from 2kW to 8.5kW, and feature single and three-phase options. They also have built-in high-end connectivity with Wi-Fi and ethernet, and Linux OS, which allows local integration with smart home appliances and electric vehicle (EV) charging as well as seamless interaction with FIMER’s Aurora Vision cloud.

Alongside this, they have a dedicated blockchain processor that allows utilities and aggregators to build specific use cases on top of the inverter, avoiding the need for external devices, FIMER said. This approach therefore reduces installation time and mitigates against cabling errors.

FIMER Power X, meanwhile, offers what FIMER is claiming to be the highest residential storage capacities on the market. It has a maximum capacity of 48kWh, and boasts a small overall footprint and lightweight design. With one module weighing 33kg, single person installation is possible.

Florian Chan, managing director of the residential line of business at FIMER, said the company wanted to create a solution that was future proof.

“With an increased demand for solar and storage in the residential market, this gives homeowners the flexibility to add more capacity at any time, as well as being able to easily integrate with EV and home automation technologies, making their home truly smart,” Chan said.

In June, FIMER launched two platforms for the utility-scale solar sector designed to serve both decentralised and centralised systems, with the two being the PVS-350, a multi-MPPT string inverter, and the PVS-260/PVS-300, a modular conversion solution.