The race for solar developers to connect the last remaining ROC-eligible solar farms is underway, and Lightsource has been amongst the first to confirm its pre-deadline activity.

Lightsource said it had connected 14 new solar farms before the 1.2 ROC grace compliant deadline of 31 March, totalling more than 50MW in capacity.

The sites are spread across the UK – nine in England, four in Wales and one in Scotland – and Lightsource has collaborated with EPCs Biosar Aktor, Agnatia and Grupotec to complete their connections prior to this month’s deadline.

Kareen Boutonnat, COO at Lightsource, heralded the company’s in-house development team and said that it had “shown once again that ‘anything is possible’”.

“We are also incredibly proud to have developed such strong partnerships with trusted EPC contractors that truly understand our processes and consistently deliver in line with our own high standards.

“While we have now connected all Lightsource developed 1.2 ROC projects, we are still looking to connect additional 1.4 ROC projects this March and next year in Northern Ireland,” she added.