Forrest has completed three projects for Southern Water under a framework awarded in March. Image: Forrest.

Forrest has completed the first projects of its five year framework with Southern Water, which saw a combined 4.2MWp of new solar assets brought online over the summer.

The three sites – 1.9MW array at Testwood Water Supply Works, a 1.5MW project in Otterbourne and a 850kW project in Hardham – is helping Southern Water generate 17% of its total energy needs from renewable sources to run the business across Hampshire, Sussex and Kent.

Darroch Baker, divisional director at Forrest, said: “These are the first projects successfully delivered as part of the renewable energy framework in partnership with Southern Water. The three sites are ideal for solar PV in terms of ground conditions and climate and, by using this space which would otherwise stand empty, our client is reducing their carbon footprint and enabling the best value out of their land.”

The projects were self-funded by Southern Water, which will continue to work with Forrest over the course of five years to build up more solar assets across its portfolio.

Martin Ross, energy manager at Southern Water, said: “The use of renewable energy helps Southern Water reduce its reliance on fossil fuel derived energy, lessening the impact on the environment and helps to cut operating costs.

“We are excited about the prospect of developing further schemes that maximise energy generation from renewable sources and energy from waste.”

These projects with Southern Water are the latest examples of Forrest’s successful work with water utilities, with further solar projects planned for United Utilities which appointed the company in 2015 to deliver a 3MW floating solar farm on Godley reservoir.

“These installs continue our strategy in working alongside water utility organisations across the UK to reduce energy costs and carbon across very energy intensive sites,” Baker added.

Forrest is also committed to work with the Coal Authority as part of a framework to install solar across its estate, and the University of Manchester which named Forrest among a selected group chosen to undertake projects under its £175 million Construction Works Framework.