In response to Government’s recent solar policy proposals the Environmental Audit Committee and Energy and Climate Change Committee are calling for evidence on the feed-in tariffs for small-scale solar photovoltaic energy, with a view to hearing oral evidence later this month.

The Committees will examine the factors Government should consider when setting the FiT rates in future. Areas the committee will focus on include the impact on electricity bills, jobs, take-up of other renewables and energy-saving behaviour.

The Committees are interested in receiving written evidence that looks at the following themes of the inquiry:

a. Impact to date of solar PV feed-in tariffs and the state of the solar energy market;

b. The balance between affordability and delivering the objectives of the solar PV feed-in tariffs, including factors to consider when setting the rate of small-scale feed-in tariffs including jobs created, emissions reductions and energy-saving behavioural change;

c. The way in which the Government has managed the solar PV feed-in tariff, the impact this has had to date, including the management of the Consultation;

d. Affordability of solar photovoltaic energy versus other renewable energy (given the overall levy-funded cap for energy bills) and the impact of feed-in tariffs on energy bills; and

e. Experience of similar incentive mechanisms for renewables in other countries.

The Committees are now inviting organisations and members of the public to submit written evidence, setting out their views on the issues listed above. Submissions should ideally be sent to the Environmental Audit Committee by November 23.