Renewable distributor Flogas Renewables has launched a Premium Partner Scheme which will finance large-scale solar projects.

The idea behind the scheme is to allow installers to work on big solar projects without credit rating or cash flow becoming an issue.  

David Taylor, business development manager at Flogas, explained how the scheme worked. He said: “By taking responsibility for the funding of the necessary solar PV systems on a project we are giving installers who have been restricted in the past the opportunity to take on much bigger and potentially much more profitable projects.”

Flogas will bill the end customer directly, a fact that the company claims will help free up installers’ cash flows – opening opportunities for independent installers.

The company will also be offering premium partners help with other aspects of large-scale solar installation, such as system design. Taylor added: “The scheme will help the installer to present a very professional proposal as we will assist them with system design and presentation to maximise return on investment for the customer and profitability for Premium Partners. We can import half hourly meter data into our design software to accurately specify the optimum system size for a given load profile. ”