After escalating energy bills started to become a major concern for the owners of Ford Farm, they investigated ways in which they could insulate the farm from future energy price hikes whilst also reducing the farm’s overall environmental footprint.

After some research the owners turned to Reading-based solar installer, Spirit Solar, to install a 50kWp solar PV system. The solar installer proposed a project consisting of three south-facing arrays holding up over 200 solar modules over a small section of the farm’s land.

Despite an incredibly tight deadline, Spirit Solar was able to install and connect the solar system before the August feed-in tariff degressions took place. The solar system is expected to generate around 43,000kWh of clean, green electricity every year for the farm’s use – saving over 24 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year for the lifetime of the system.  

Spirit Solar also installed a state-of-the-art monitoring system for the solar array, which records the system’s performance every 10 minutes, every day. Spirit Solar hopes that the system will allow both installer and customer alike to track the progress of the solar system in terms of energy generated and money saved.

Vishal Giga, Commercial Projects Manager, Spirit Solar Ltd said: “We are very delighted here at Spirit Solar to have installed the ground mounted system at Ford Farm. The installation team worked superbly to get the system installed before the August feed-in tariff reduction despite poor weather conditions early on in the project. The system looks to be exceeding its SAP predictions for August so far which is great news; it gives great confidence to prospective customers looking at the many benefits of solar energy.”

Mrs J, owner of Ford Farm installed the system for both environmental and financial reasons said: “I chose Spirit Solar as they were by far the best company at explaining all the facts fully. They were also very competitive and have been very professional from initial planning to the fully comprehensive handover pack.”