During an ambitious refit to the Flint Greenfield estate that saw all properties receive new roofs, Foz Electrical was approached to install solar arrays on 150 of the properties.

Owing to the scale of the project, the tenant liaison, scaffolding and suitability of the structures were already covered by the main contractor, easing the installation company’s task. However, fast-tracked changes to the feed-in tariff meant that all installs had to be completed before December 6 – instead of the originally targeted end of March. Foz Electrical pulled out all the stops to meet the deadline, resulting in a fivefold increase in productivity as operatives were redeployed from other areas of the business and the roofing subcontractor subcontracting the extra work in order to complete the project on time.

The houses at Greenfield are now heavily populated with solar panels, helping to reduce fuel poverty, creating an income for Flint Council and making the estate at Greenfield a model for the future.

Chris Foran the Managing Director of Foz Electrical commented: “This was an exceptional challenge and all of the staff involved deserve great credit for their extra effort in making the project a total success.

“Even when the MCS website could not cope with the countrywide increase in installation registrations and crashed, we did not let it beat us, and we registered installations at two and three o’clock in the morning, to ensure delivery for our client.  To their credit, our suppliers kept their word on our orders when they could have sold to other clients more lucratively; this demonstrates a mentality which is good for long term relationships.

Mr. Dennis She, President and Chief Executive Officer of ET Solar, commented: “Foz Electrical is a great partner and we are very pleased to be working together.”

Foran concluded: “Although it is early days the yields from the panels have been good and there has been 0 percent failure from any components fitted.”