Two men, who fraudulently sold solar panels to vulnerable people, have been ordered to pay confiscation totaling £413,206.10.

Stephen Wilson and Robert Ross obtained millions of pounds from 760 victims as part of the Solar Energy Savings scam. They used deceitful sales techniques and false guarantees of reimbursement to sell solar panels, and specifically targeted elderly, retired and vulnerable people.

Liz Baker, the head of proceeds of crime and international assistance at the Serious Fraud Office said:

“These men preyed upon vulnerable people and lied to them to line their own pockets. I’m delighted that we will be able to return some of the proceeds of their crime to victims.”

The two are part of a group of six that were sentenced in 2018, for defrauding 1,500 victims out of £17 million in a solar PV sales scam, with the group receiving over 30 years of prison time collectively.

Wilson must pay £220,000 and Ross must pay £193,206.10 within three months, or they will face a default prison sentence of two years. All of this money will go to reimbursing victims.

They began serving prison sentences in October 2018, with Wilson serving four years and Ross serving six.

Two of the other men convicted Kenneth Reid and Niall Hastie have their confiscation hearing set for January 2020.