HomeSun has hit back at big energy firms which have increased their prices yet again, claiming that green energy solutions could insulate customers from the ‘whim of these power companies’.

Daniel Green, CEO of HomeSun, said, “When oil and gas prices go up, big energy charges us more. When they go down, big energy charges us more.

“The big power companies are holding back green energy. They all offer solar power to look good, but these giants have only actually installed tiny numbers of panels.

“Lobbyists for Big Energy fight investment in renewables that might cost each bill payer a few pence, then turn round and slap everyone with a £237 rise.

“Big Energy lowballs the potential of green energy because they’re terrified people might take control of their own power and stop being easy prey.

“As power prices rise, so do the savings you can make from generating your own. With companies like HomeSun installing solar panels completely free, now is the time to declare independence from big energy.”

Figures compiled by HomeSun show how solar savings rise in line with increases in energy costs, estimating that with a free solar installation, the average British Gas dual fuel bill could be cut by £237, effectively eradicating today’s price rise.

John Arnold from Petersfield in Hampshire, who is currently benefitting from a free solar scheme said, “I’ve saved £250 on my electricity bill through HomeSun’s Free Solar scheme.  I don’t feel at the whim of these power companies that have their own profits to protect.”