Environmental charity, Friends of the Earth, is calling on Government to demonstrate global leadership at the international Clean Energy Summit hosted in London by committing the nation to a fossil fuel free electricity system by 2030.

Friends of the earth maintains that the majority of British people want the UK to embrace renewables after a recent survey showed that 85 percent of Brits support an increase in clean British energy from the wind, sun and sea.

The charity has claimed that despite escalating household bills driven by wholesale gas rises and a warning from Government’s official climate advisor, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has “fired the starting pistol for a new dash for gas, which will keep the nation hooked on fossil fuels for many years to come.”

Friends of the Earth's Policy and Campaigns Director Craig Bennett said: “This summit is a golden opportunity for Government to show clear international leadership on clean energy – developing home-grown sources of power will tackle soaring fuel bills, boost British manufacturing and create thousands of jobs.

“There's huge public support for clean British energy – over 85 per cent want the UK to develop our huge renewable power potential.

“Over a billion people are currently without access to electricity worldwide – rich countries must help developing nations plug into the power of the wind, sun and sea to build a cleaner energy future.”

Friends of the Earth has also called on David Cameron to seize the opportunity presented by the summit to boost the diminishing environmental credibility of the ‘greenest Government ever’. However, it has recently emerged that the Prime Minister has abandoned a planned keynote speech in favour of providing introductory “remarks”. The Prime Minister has failed to make a single environmental speech since coming to power and his apparent reticent to deliver a keynote speech on the topic will have potential investors’ confidence further undermined after a succession of blunders have marred Government’s green credentials.