Somerset’s Frome Folk Festival, hosted at the Cheese and Grain, marked the greenest Frome festival yet as it was almost entirely powered by the building’s new 80 module strong solar array this year.

The solar installation was enabled by the council’s decision to grant the Cheese and Grain up to £90,000 to install solar panels.

It is estimated that over 25 years the Council could see returns of around £200,000 as a result of its investment in the environmental measure. Councillor Mel Usher described the decision as a “no-brainer.”

Steve Macarthur, manager of the Cheese and Grain, explained: “It's light, not warmth, which creates the electricity, so while there's daylight there is power generation. Any electricity generated over and above what is needed is sold back to the grid.”

Town Council Chief Executive, Vernon Anderson, said: “Installing PV panels on the roof of the Cheese and Grain generates an income for the town council that in turn can be invested in other projects. In addition, a large area of solar panels promotes Frome as a town leading the way in sustainability.”

Mr Macarthur concluded: “It's probably the best investment the town council has ever made. It will get its money back over the next few years and then see a significant return. But most important of all this is Frome doing its bit to tackle climate change and contribute to the move to clean, sustainable energy.”

Source: Somerset Standard