Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius has announced that it will be introducing new models of its Fronius Symo inverter range in the New Year.

The new models will be available in power categories running up to 20kW. Martin Hackl head of the Fronius Solar Electronics division explained the expected rollout of the products: “In 2013 we introduced the new Fronius Symo inverters in the 3kW to 4.5kW power categories. March 2014 will see the launch of 5 to 8.2kW devices, followed soon afterwards by our latest innovation: the Fronius Symo in power categories up to 20kW.”

Fronius states that the higher power categories, such as the 20kW model, have been designed to meet the particular needs of commercial operations, whilst the inverters up to 8.2kW will support the UK’s smaller-scale domestic market.

The Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M will initially launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland before expanding into other markets. Although no specific date has been given for a UK launch, Fronius UK told Solar Power Portal that it expects the new range to arrive around April or May 2014.