Gatwick Solar has just completed a 9.66kW photovoltaic system installation on a poultry farm in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.

Installed on the barn rooftop using 42 BP3230N panels with porche design frames and an SMA 10000 Tri power inverter, the project was completed in just five days.  Client Anthony Harris will now benefit from the UK’s feed-in tariff for 25 years.

The company had to design an auto cut-out in the case of a power cut, which is part of the AC isolator, as the farm has a backup generator which starts up after power failure. If this occured the Pvsystem would begin to start and potentially blow up the switch gear or generator.  When grid power starts the start button, which is next to the AC isolator, needs to be pressed manually for safety reasons. The company believes this auto cut-out design specification to be a first.