German energy developer Pfalzsolar has ventured out of Germany to build its first international project, an 8.4MW solar plant in the UK.

Pfalzsolar, a 100% subsidy of German energy supplier Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft, began construction on Hayford Farm II in Shropshire, where it plans to produce 8.5 million kilowatt-hours of solar power each year.

Pfalzsolar’s chief executive officer, Thomas Kercher, explained the company’s international debut and defended Britain as a place becoming more and more attractive to developers.

”The general conditions for large-scale projects are perfect,” said Kercher.

Kercher pointed to the UK’s laws, compensation structure, climate conditions, and “transparent approval processes” as reasons for the company’s expansion into the UK.

“In the UK, we find a full satisfaction of those requirements,” Kercher said.

British companies Green Power Investment Holdings Limited and Solar Ventures Limited are also involved in the joint venture, while Pfalzsolar serves as project’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. Before construction had officially begun, Pfalzsolar reported it had already taken preliminary steps in October, such as laying driveways and fences. The company said its affiliation with a 100-year established German energy supplier had much to do with the process of the project.

“Security as well as reliability are extremely important for our British partners,” said Kercher.

Hayford Farm II is expected to connect to the grid in 2015, generating power for more than 1,800 British households.