The Log House Holidays site in the Cotswold Water Park in Gloucestershire has managed to remain almost completely independent of the grid in 2012 thanks to the impressive performance of the site’s solar array mounted on a dual-axis tracking system.  

The 50kWp installation effectively tracks the sun across the sky as it rises and sets, providing the site with 35% more electricity than a similarly sized static system. The development consists of five dual-axis trackers holding 42 Kyocera modules.

Anthony Edmondson, the owner of the holiday site, commented: “I am enthusiastic about the efficiency of this system – it benefits both the environment and our holiday village”.

The 50kWp system was able to generate 1,245 kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak (kWh/kWp) during 2012, despite it being the wettest year on record.

The system was installed by Edmondson’s own staff in concert with London-based installer Williams Renewables just in time to beat the 2011 feed-in tariff reductions in December.