Solar specialists, GMI Energy, developer of Urban Exchange’s 50kWp array in Manchester, has announced a partnership with energy storage and clean fuel company, ITM Power. The agreement will see the companies join forces to offer an integrated renewable power generation and hydrogen production solution.

The combination of technologies allows for a completely carbon-free process of energy generation. Under the agreement, GMI Energy will offer any existing and new customers the alternative of hydrogen generation.

Commenting on the deal, GMI Energy Operations Director, Phil Roberts, said: “ITM Power brings to GMI complimentary technology which combined with GMI’s expertise in renewable energy deployment constitutes a unique integrated offering for our customers. We are very excited about this collaboration.”

ITM Power CEO, Dr. Graham Cooley, said: “GMI is a great partner for ITM Power to bid for onsite hydrogen generation systems powered by renewables. A fully integrated renewable energy system which includes hydrogen fuel for applications like back up power, forklifts and pallet trucks is a unique market offering.