Building on the success of its Solar Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Goldfield Partners has launched a £50 million fund for pension and charity investors looking to get involved in UK-based renewable energy.

The Goldfield Solar Green Energy Fund LP, structured as a Unit Trust, works by providing investors with the opportunity to enter into a limited partnership which will purchase a range of installed and operational solar PV assets in the UK. Each investor is expected to gain a target return of between 6 and 8 percent per annum through feed-in tariff payments.

The majority of the solar PV systems used by the scheme are already installed and fully operational on both private and housing association domestic properties in the UK. The homeowners can therefore still take advantage of the free renewable energy provided by the systems while the investors access the feed-in tariff payments.

Goldfield Partners CEO, David Gammond, said: “This fund ticks all the boxes for us. Investors have the benefit of the popular feed-in tariff scheme which is linked to RPI and as the systems are sited on domestic properties the families in the houses below receive free renewable electricity which, if managed correctly, can significantly reduce their energy bills. 

“The fund aims to directly benefit local communities whilst making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. We have contracts signed for the delivery of installed and fully operational systems sited on social housing properties and as such we hope to lift some families out of fuel poverty whenever possible”.