Image: Ell Brown

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) offerings continue to be announced, as Good Energy reveals its tariff for smaller installations isn’t yet operational.

Clean energy supplier Good Energy told Solar Power Portal that while it has not yet launched any new export tariffs, its existing tariffs – SmartGen and its PPAs – are SEG compliant for installations of 20kW and above.

The supplier will also be offering a separate SEG tariff for installations under 20kW, which covers most residential installations, “but it’s not in operation yet”, Solar Power Portal was told.

Renewable generators up to 5MW are eligible for payments under the SEG, which came into effect on 1 January 2020.

Fellow supplier Utilita has unveiled its SEG tariff at a rate of 3p/kWh. The highest SEG-compliant tariff currently offered is from Social Energy at 5.6p/kWh, with early-mover Octopus Energy coming in second at 5.5p/kWh.

Robin Hood Energy, a supplier established by Nottingham City Council, is not required to launch a supplier but confirmed it is looking into it.

When tariffs were first launched on 1 January, Shell Energy came in bottom with its initial offering of 0.001p/kWh. This was then upgraded to 3.5p/kWh, leaving Utility Warehouse in last place at 0.5p/kWh.