Image: Good Energy

Good Energy is looking to increase its supply roster by offering power purchase agreements to utility-scale solar and wind assets left stranded by cuts to subsidies.

The clean energy supplier is planning to put forward a five-year fixed offering, with ambitions to grow its PPA portfolio by 25% over last year.

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Benjamin Turner, renewables originator at Good Energy, says the supplier is eyeing up the built solar market if there’s interest, although there is currently a bigger focus on wind.

“We are looking at making an offering for some of the subsidy-free projects that are already in the ground. There are a lot of assets that began building, then the FiT was cut… They’ve got no subsidy and they’re struggling to find a place. We just want to see how much interest there is around that.”

After the end of the FiT earlier this year, suppliers Octopus Energy and E.On have come out with export tariffs designed to bridge the gap between the FiT and the smart export guarantee (SEG).

Turner confirmed that Good Energy will be looking at the smart export guarantee “soon”, however the supplier is more immediately focused on being able to offer the guaranteed export tariff to existing FiT projects.

“We’re currently in talks internally on how we’re going to offer the guaranteed export tariff. Once we’ve firmed that up, we’ll take a look at the SEG.

“We were one of the first to introduce our own version of the FiT before the FiT was even a thing. So we offered a subsidy for generators and I think that speaks to the mission we’ve always had that we champion renewables and we’ll do anything we can to support those projects and that even includes our foray into the five year PPA for stranded assets as well,” he added.