Chinese solar inverter manufacturer, GoodWe, has hit out at the European Commission’s “continental protectionism” by enforcing anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar module manufacturers.  

In a recent speech the company’s managing director, Daniel Huang, called on Europe to address its own problems before “resorting to continental protectionsism which could probably trigger a chain of trade wards between the world’s biggest trading blocks”.

However, Huang reserved special praise for the UK market, identifying it as one of its core growth markets. He said: “The declining tendency of UK PV demand in the third quarter has demonstrated that the trade war is going to undermine the vitality of the global PV industry.

“Fortunately, we still see great growth potential in the UK PV market, especially in domestic and commercial sectors where our strength lies, and we are convinced that the UK will become the ‘solar engineer’ for EU in 2014 despite uncertainties in government policies.”

The UK solar market has been predicted to become Europe’s largest solar market during the first quarter next year, as installers rush to beat the April Renewable Obligation cuts.