Module price cuts, comfort with subsidy-free business models and an unexpected side effect of Brexit are all helping inverter manufacturer GoodWe’s UK business.

Speaking on the second day of Solar & Storage Live, Raj Sidhu, the firm’s UK MD, said the mood of the industry had changed through 2018.

“There’s a certain amount of optimism in the UK market. After the subsidy cuts two years ago the industry dropped by about 80%. We saw our sales flatline for a year and then increase very slowly. But this year, because of that optimism, and people looking at future subsidy-free models that are making more and more sense, we’ve seen an increase in business,” he said.

“That growth is not just with the energy storage products but with the PV products and commercial systems as well,” added Sidhu.

He also pointed to the drop in module prices as a result of China’s cap on solar deployment in its domestic market. Closer to home, the impact of the ongoing Brexit negotiations are also being felt, but with one potential upside.

“There are bigger issues in the UK and once that is resolved and people get their heads around it I think we’ll get our industry back more and more and can drive it forward. In one way, it’s been good. Funders and investors have had to look at putting money into other sectors,” said Sidhu while acknowledging that the uncertainty was also putting the brakes on some investment.

With a solid first day at the show Sidhu is optimistic for the future.
“We looked at some of the other manufacturers that are exhibiting here and we believed it was important to keep our presence in the UK. We’re demonstrating our commitment to the UK and hopefully we can continue building business in this market,” said Sidhu.