Government has denied that the Green Deal is under review following a report by the BBC that indicated that the Cabinet Office had been interviewing critics of the scheme in response to widespread criticism.

The BBC’s Environmental Analyst, Roger Harrabin, said that complaints surrounding the Coalition’s flagship green policy had been so widespread that a special Cabinet Office team was set up to interview the scheme’s detractors. Opponents of the scheme had expressed doubts about the scheme’s apparent targeting of expensive solid wall insulation for affluent households in favour of fitting loft insulation for fuel poor homes.   

Speaking to the BBC, Andrew Warren of the Association for Conservation of Energy said: “It is crazy if the Green Deal fails to ensure that all the homes in the country at least have adequate loft insulation. The number of people in fuel poverty is rising. If you get the policy right you can tackle fuel poverty by getting everyone's lofts and cavity walls insulated.”

However, a Cabinet Office spokesperson disputed the BBC’s claims, stating: “The Green Deal is not under review. As we implement all policy, we maintain constant dialogue with stakeholders and businesses who have an interest in the policy.

“There is no question of a review. The Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister are fully committed to the Green Deal.”

Government’s reiterated commitment to the scheme should go someway to reassuring Green Deal stakeholders about the integral role the Coalition sees the Green Deal playing in its environmental policies.

The Green Deal is due to be launched in October this year. Government recently published a list of 20 prospective Green Deal providers and, despite the delaying of the non-domestic rollout, appears to be resolute about sticking to the scheduled launch.

The news will be particularly welcomed by solar installers adversely affected by new EPC requirements. This is because interested solar customers can reach EPC level D by installing measures covered under the scheme at no upfront cost.     

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