Lee Sibley and Jason Atkins, the co-founders of Green 2 Delivery. Image: Green 2 Delivery.

Delivery company Green 2 has partnered with off-grid solar supplier Bimble Solar to help the company sustainably deliver solar panels to its customers.

Both companies are aiming to reduce their carbon emissions with the delivery company’s electric fleet transporting the solar panels to Bimble’s customers across the UK.

Grant Atkins, director at Bimble Solar, said: “Green 2 provide a hand delivery service for us with reusable packaging. This means that we can almost be zero waste, apart from the waste that the panels arrive in.”

On the other hand, the off-grid solar and renewable energy systems supplier will be providing Green 2 with solar panels to deliver renewable energy at its depots and achieve its target to be a zero-emission company.

Lee Sibley, co-founder of Green 2, said: “A big reason for doing this is to try and break the status quo. The transition to clean transport and energy is happening at real pace so partnerships such as the one we enjoy with Bimble are becoming more commonplace.”

The delivery company’s mission is to be at the forefront of green distribution solution for e-commerce and retailers while reducing the environmental impact of the delivery sector, added Lee.