Greenbuy Energy will officially open its Doncaster-based showroom on March 29. The green energy firm hopes that the showroom will help educate the public about the benefits of renewable energy. Examples of solar PV modules and heat pumps will be on display for customers to see and touch in order to demonstrate just how affordable green tech can be implemented at home.

Company Director, Russell Paul, said: “I’m very excited for our showroom to open. It’s one of a kind, certainly a first for Doncaster, and it’s great that we have such an accessible position on the high street.

“It was a unique approach that made sense for us because we want to inform local adults and children about the cost and effectiveness of going green.”

The aim of the showroom is to provide visitors with an informal setting where they can handle and discuss a plethora of green tech, such as; IHD monitors, solar panels, home insulation and heat pumps.

Paul summarised the new company’s ambitions: “Our mission is to give people the facts and information on the latest energy saving methods so they can make an informed decision on how to make their home or business more energy efficient.”