The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed that the framework underpinning the Green Deal has been approved by the House of Lords, in keeping with the department’s stated October launch date.

According to DECC: “In our consultation response, we confirmed Government’s intention to introduce the Green Deal through supporting a responsible and controlled approach with full national systems testing, this is to ensure the market has the opportunity to build steadily.”

DECC has also confirmed that, from August 8, the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body will begin registering assessors, providers and installers. The department will be publishing ‘Green Deal Provider Authorisation Guidance’ ahead of the registration process.

Authorised and accredited Green Deal assessors will begin to operate from October this year, so that consumers will be able to complete a Green Deal Plan at the end of January 2013 – when DECC predicts the relevant parts of the framework regulations will come into effect.

DECC continues: “Green Deal authorised installers will be able to complete work for consumers prior to the end of January if paid for upfront or wholly supported by the Energy Company Obligation. We expect the number of Green Deal offers available to build from there as more providers enter the market.”