The Green Electrician Group is introducing solar panels from UK manufacturer Romag, avoiding the European Commission’s 11.8% duty applied to Chinese solar modules.

Romag, based in County Durham, uses no Chinese components for its panels, thus steering clear of the European Commission’s Chinese anti-dumping investigation.

The Green Electrician Group said it had partnered up with Romag in the hope of reducing costs and the carbon footprint of installations, while Romag gains a wider domestic customer base.

The new Romag solar panels should be part of the Green Electrician Group’s Spring 2013 range.

The Green Electrician Group’s managing director, Rupert Higgin, said: “There is a genuine appetite for British-made solar products and Romag has worked hard to improve pricing to compete on the world market”.

Romag said it was looking forward to working with the Green Electrician Group to offer customers British made panels, and will continue developing its solar products “to adapt to the ever-changing market”.