Green Energy Options has released the Chorus PV – a touchscreen display which allows solar PV system owners to see both generation and consumption levels of electricity.

The company’s new monitoring device will be suitable for use in both new and retrofit installations. The system works by communicating wirelessly with both the generation and consumption meter using a combination of LED readers and a current clamp.

The Chorus PV system will work with Green Energy Option’s online portal, energynote, which will collate system performance data and present it in an easy-to-read format. The company believes that the information will allow households to analyse when they are generating electricity and when they are consuming electricity – the marriage of these two aspects will help householders derive the maximum benefit from their solar array.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, chief executive officer for Green Energy Options, explained: “As a solar panel owner myself, it’s been fascinating seeing how much we can learn from the Chorus PV.

“I thought we knew all the answers already but by checking with the display how much surplus power we’re generating we’ve managed to shift a lot of appliance use to the sunny part of the day with the confidence that it’s not also importing electricity at a high tariff rate. This is impossible to establish without a clever system like the Chorus. As a result, almost every day we earn more from the feed in tariff than we spend on electricity.

“It’s great to be able to announce that the Chorus PV and energy note online service goes on sale at the end of April through our distribution network and on Amazon.”