The UK’s largest renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy, has announced that is investigating the possibility of installing 110MW worth of large-scale solar and onshore wind projects across the UK to help the company generate more of its own renewable electricity.

Juliet Davenport, Good Energy founder and CEO, said: “We are planning to build 110MW of renewable electricity generation capacity in the next five years – enough to power all the homes in a town about the size of Reading.

“We’re currently in the process of investigating the potential of a range of onshore wind and large-scale solar projects around the UK to generate this clean, green power.”

Good Energy has also announced that it will be reducing its gas prices by 5 percent this August. The company is able to pass on the price drop thanks to a combination of a drop in wholesale gas prices and a major increase in its gas supply customers, allowing them to purchase at a more competitive rate.

Davenport commented: “It has never been more affordable to go green with Good Energy, many of our renewable electricity customers want a dual fuel tariff so we’re keen to be able to offer them the most competitive gas price we can.”

“When you combine this dual fuel gas price drop with the fact that our domestic electricity prices have been frozen since April 2009 – thanks to the price stability offered by generating our own renewable energy – we now cost about the same as the Big Six’s standard dual fuel tariffs.”